Buckshaw Grass Cutting

June 22, 2017

Fao All residents of Buckshaw MCL (Old Worden and Main Street)

As per previous correspondences and information provided, we do not manage the grass verges closest to the highways. Adopted roads, Central Avenue and Buckshaw Avenue are maintained by the county council.

Old Worden Avenue is adopted from the roundabout at Central Avenue up to and including the sports pitches and verges next to this road are maintained by the LCC. The rest of Old Worden Avenue, Village Way and verges close to Main Street are by un-adopted roads and are currently with the developer.

RMG have contacted the developer on the matter of grass cutting / maintenance and we have been notified by the developer Redrow as follows: “We have asked Chorley Council to provide a cost to cut once a month for next two months, to cover the gap in adoption, we have actually both (both developers Redrow and Barratts), paid LCC the commuted sum to cover the maintenance of the highway which includes the grass cutting, however LCC have not instructed Chorley Council to commence cutting, the formal adoption process is still underway, but not complete.”

To confirm:

We (RMG) do not manage any of the areas pictured or stated above.

The map (available to download here), is a guide RMG produced for residents and for reference only as further versions will follow – this is showing the Estate areas we manage for the annual estate charge (currently at £150).

Please note that the map is not yet completed and there will as discussed be further versions of the map – at least one more before the site is finished.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Pearson

Property Manager, RMG, Buckshaw Village

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